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“TTL” performance of the following works: - The organization of transport-forwarding service in Uzbekistan of the cargoes which are imported by foreign firms inUzbekistan on import and taken out from Uzbekistan on export, and also transit cargoes, worldwide or in the opposite direction;

- Operating for and on behalf of the foreign Customer, the firm protects and promotes interests of the Customer in every respect;

- According to instructions of the Customer the firm organizes cargo operations, the control over quality and quantity of a cargo, makes out customs, quarantine, sanitary, ecological and other formalities; - Makes complete sets of shipping documents; - Together with other organizations takes part in drawing up of certificates about damages of cargoes during cargo operations; - After the termination of cargo operations sends to the Customer shipping documents;

- Pays services of all organizations involved in cargo transportation operations;

- Organizes full customs registration of export-import and transit cargoes.

- Organizes insurance of cargoes; “TTL”  also can represent itself as the sub forwarding agent of the foreign forwarding companies, representing their interests in territory of Uzbekistan and organizing transit cargoes both complex transport-forwarding service and the company renders services on trade. We cooperate with the well-known companies of the world, providing service at a level of the world standards, and always we remember, that we work not only with cargoes, but also with people and for people. Our clients is such well known companies like BRITISH AMERICAN TOBBACO, COCA-COLA BOTTLERS Ltd., PROCTER & GAMBLE, NESTLE. Non governmental organizations: all structured of UN (UNIDO, UNOPS, e.t.c.). In fact more than half of diplomatic missions in Uzbekistan and Afghanistan. ISAF structures and companies like SUPREME FOOD SERVICES, DINA CORP, HALLEY BURTON, KELLOG BROWN & ROOT e.t.c.